Licensed Master Instructor

currently working at a local Cosmetology College.


Licensed Master Instructor and Cosmetologist at a salon in Broken Arrow.

Christi heard

                 Christie Luther downing :  founder and executive director

Christie saw a need in Oklahoma and collaborated with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections and the Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology and Barbering Boards.  Christie is a Master Cosmetology Instructor and a 30 year professional in the beauty industry. She is an Educator at a local beauty college and also serves in the Stand In the Gap Re-entry Ministry and as a Celebrate Recovery Leader.

"There is a serious problem in Oklahoma; there are so many incarcerated women and when they are released, most have very little to return to.Some women do not have skills, HS diplomas, families, homes, support, employment, transportation, or money.  They are often met with exorbitant court fees, fines, restitution obligations,  back child support, societal negativity and fewer employment choices due to the "'FELON" label: all which is overwhelming and steals their hope for a better future.  According to a News 9 interview with D.O.C. in May 2015, the average recidivism rate is 22%; which means they re-offend and return to prison.  How can they succeed?  We are willing to bridge the gap, teach them the skills, while meeting them at the prison gate to help them return to society as successful re-emergent tax paying citizens."

Christie luther downing

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